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ElectricityWe produce over half of the sold electricity and almost 100 % of the district heating in our subsidiary companies Jyväskylän Energiantuotanto Ltd and Jyväskylän Voima Ltd. The companies have two large production plants Keljonlahti and Rauhalahti, 14 district boiler houses and one bio-gas center which supply the district heating we sell.

Keljonlahti and Rauhalahti are both CHP production plants. In the CHP production the steam to produce district heating is also used to produce electricity. That enables to use 90 % of the energy contained by the fuel. The CHP production saves fuel and cuts down emissions by 30 % compared to producing the same amount of energy separately. The CHP plants can also be run to generate only condensate electricity.

As a provincial actor it is important for us to increase employment and the well-being of nature in the province of Central Finland and its vicinity. We want to promote sustainable development by preventing and cutting down harmful impacts on the environment. To Jyväskylä Energy Group this means taking full advantages of the combined heat and power production in our production plants. We produce most of the energy we sell and the fuels we need for production we obtain from our province. Our aim is to constantly increase the use of renewable resources. We promote the use of wood and peat, increasing use of wind power and sensible and efficient use of energy.

Origins of our sold electricity in 2013 were:

  • Renewable energy sources 11 %
  • Peat and other fossil fuels 58 %
  • Nuclear power 31 %

Our electricity distribution area

District heating

District heatingDistrict heating is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and care-free way to take care of the heating and hot water in your household. In Jyväskylä area most of the apartment blocks and semi-detached houses are heated with district heating. District heating is a popular heating method also in houses, public buildings and business premises because of its reliability, easiness and cost-efficiency.

The quality of district heating does not vary and it is environmentally friendly because it is produced together with electricity in combined heat and production plants. That cuts down the emissions because the need for fuel is reduced by one-third and 90 % of the fuel can be utilized.

Joining the district heating network improves the value of your property. The space required by the district heating equipment is quite small because it does not need any boilers, chimneys or fuel storages.

Our district heating distribution area


WaterWe provide fresh water to the inhabitants of Jyväskylä. In our operating area about 35 000 cubic metres of water is used in a day.

We produce water mainly in three production plants:
• Artificial groundwater in Vuonteenharju in Laukaa’s Lake Kuusvesi
• Household water in Janakka water treatment plant from Lake Tuomiojärvi
• Infiltrated artificial groundwater from Janakka water treatment plant

In addition to the production plants, we produce water in Liinalampi and Vesanka groundwater intakes. We also buy groundwater from Muurame and Laukaa.

We use the most cost-effective and reasonable water source at the time. Outside the densely populated city area, water production co-operatives take care of the supply of water.

Our water distribution area

Waste water is led to Jyväskylä Region Waste Water Treatment Plant Ltd and rain water back to nature in an environmentally friendly way.