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Make a contract

You need to make an electricity contract well in advance before moving. In Finland the electricity is transmitted to your home through a distribution network of the local distribution company. In Jyväskylä city centrum area the distribution company is JE-Siirto Ltd. Outside the city centrum area the distribution network is owned either by Elenia Ltd or by Järvi-Suomen Energia Ltd. Jyväskylän Energia Ltd takes care of the sale of electricity to its local customers but also to customers outside JE-Siirto Ltd’s distribution network.

You can make a contract by calling to our customer services, Tel. +358 (0)14 366 4010.

Make a contractTo make a contract we need your name, date of birth and Finnish social security number if you have one, date of moving and an exact address of the place of electricity usage. You cannot make a contract on behalf of someone.

We offer two kinds of electricity contracts. You can make a 2-year fixed-term electricity contract or choose a contract that is valid until further notice. In the 2-year fixed-term contracts the electricity price stays the same the whole 2-year time period and the change of electricity vendor is not permitted during the contract time.


When you are moving out you need to end the contract. It is good to choose the ending date to be same than the day you leave your keys and you do not need electricity for e.g. cleaning because the electricity will be disconnected quickly after the contract expires. When ending your contract, we also need the address where to send your last invoice.