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Jyväskylä Energy Group

Kuokkala, Kuva: Jyväskylän kaupunki

Jyväskylä Energy Group is the local electricity, water and district heat provider owned by the City of Jyväskylä. 

Jyväskylä Energy Group promotes sustainable and environmentally friendly energy production. Electricity and district heating are produced in the Group’s two CHP production plants, Keljonlahti and Rauhalahti. The production is environmentally friendly and the main fuels, wood and peat, come mainly from the Central Finland. The whole region benefits from this provincial chain of fuels: jobs and euros stay in the Central Finland.

In Finland the electricity is transmitted to your home through a distribution network of the local distribution company. In Jyväskylä city area the distribution company is Jyväskylä Energy’s subsidiary company JE-Siirto Ltd. The sale of electricity is open for competition which means that a customer can buy electricity from the vendor company of his choice. 

Water is mainly produced in three production plants in Viitaniemi, Vaajakoski and Laukaa’s Vuonne. The water distribution area reaches from Jyväskylä city area to Palokka, Vaajakoski and parts of Korpilahti, Säynätsalo, Tikkakoski and Vesanka.

Look for more information on the Group's Social Responsibility Report 2018.



Telephone exchange
014 366 4000 (Mon-Fri 8-16)

Customer services

014 366 4010 (Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat 9-16)

Connection services

014 366 4030 (Mon-Fri 8-20, Sat 10-16)

Our email addresses are


Fault reporting services

If there are any problems with electricity, district heating or water contact our fault reporting services. 
Call 014 366 4040

Faults in city streetlights, contact the City of Jyväskylä’s fault reporting services:
Call 0800 911 99